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Nothing is everything, but everything is trackable.

Using Data To Tell A Customer Story

All our services, everything we do on the digital marketing front, is rooted in analytics.

It holds us accountable, but more than that, it allows us to provide businesses tangible results for their money spent with us.

We build out each campaign with customized analytics goals. Tailored to how you’d like people to interact with your website, not just if we think they stayed on a page long enough. Those are some goals with extra weak sauce on the side.

Driving tangible results, and gaining actionable insights on who is your current customer, and if how you can broaden or intensify that market.

2019 Analytics Results

Our focus on basing all our campaigns with a clean data set is not completely without self-interest.

Frankly, if we show success in your business, it’s a much easier time to keep you coming back to our business!

The results really speak for themselves.

Beyond just website data, we track demographic information. These data points allow us to better weed out the people who don’t apply to your brand or product.

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Your Perfect Pairing Recommendation

Content Marketing

Because if a content creator falls in the forest, and no one is there to see it, will it ever go viral?

Correctly utilizing the vast range of data collection tools for the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health website, we were able to track trends of potential students – for undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate level programs.

Our insights gave the school an extra boost in predicting when and where to target high-quality prospective students around the country and beyond.

See how our team helped build a brand identity within the public health education field.

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We want to be sure our team will help you see growth before jumping in head first. This isn’t The Bachelor.

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