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The subtle difference between following the trend and trendsetting.

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Social media marketing is much, much more than just posting regularly. While a well-timed post can help build your internet clout, taking advantage of the targeted options within the platforms can help boost brand or product awareness instantly.

Controlled Chaos utilized the immense amount of data from social platforms, ties them together with your web analytics, and creates a personalized digital demographic of who is interested in your product or service.

After establishing a profile, we’re able to build out a targeted audience across the globe in order to generate interest from like-minded individuals. Pun intended.

2019 Social Media Marketing Results

There is a delicate balance on social media between engaging with users (why these platforms were developed in the first place) and selling your product or service.

Our pillared system of targeted, analysis, and content optimizations ensure that all campaigns are focused and driven to your specific KPI.

Whether that’s to gain more followers, sell products, or just promote a new event – we have a proven system for each.

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