Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns

In order to be in the fight, you have to first enter the ring.

Good PPC Is All In The Details

The subtle differences between an organic Google listing and a paid Google listing  are almost indistinguishable, if you’re not looking for them.

A small, green box blending next the URL listing is typically the first indicator for someone that the listing at the top of the page is being sold to the highest bidder.

However, there are numerous variation between paid and organic Google listings. From sitelinks, phone extensions, extra room for sale promotions, and the ability to test 10+ ad copy variations at the same time.

2019 PPC Results

The best part about running an efficient PPC campaign is that it’s designed to get better the longer it runs.

Utilizing in-depth data from search engines, we refine who, where, when, and how we target qualified users all over the internet.

The results speak for themselves.

Beyond generating more revenue, absolutely all of our PPC campaigns improved in traffic, conversion, and revenue YoY.

0 %
Avg. Conversion Rate
0 %
Avg. Traffic Increase
$ 0 +
Ad Budget Managed
$ 0 :1
Avg. ROI
0 %
Avg. Lead Increase
0 %
Campaigns Improved YoY

Your Perfect Pairing Recommendation

Website Analytics

Because what's the point of winning if no one is keeping score?

PPC is a rapid, 24 hours, never take a lunch break kind of game. Bids and search rates can fluctuate from hour-to-hour, no less day-to-day.

Staying on top of the competition, while staying within budget, is dependent on targeting the right people at the right time.

With Oddball Shoes, we found a strategy for micro-targeting their very specific client base at the right time, in the right location, to help surpass competitors and become a brand name to trust.

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We want to be sure our team will help you see growth before jumping in head first. This isn’t The Bachelor.

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