Digital Marketing For The Construction & Manufacturing Industry

How to emphasize quality & professionalism through highlighting team members online.

The Current State Of Construction & Manufacturing Marketing

Both the construction and manufacturing industries have been a bit late to the digital hustle. Most companies felt that their best marketing efforts were to make products and shake hands.

However, in recent years, many have come into the digital marketing fold. The ability to generate new leads from websites have become an integral part to drumming up new business for both construction and manufacturing companies.

More than highlight projects & products, we’ve found that highlight team members on the company website is a terrific way to build trust and gain more leads.

Our History With Construction & Manufacturing Companies

We’ve found a very systemic relationship with all of our manufacturing and construction clients. Our expertise of expanding digital reach of a company’s website, and optimizing the site to become integrated into the current sales system to help generate new business has helped us develop relationships with a wide-range of companies within the industries.

Some Of Our Construction & Manufacturing Partners

Best Digital Strategies For Construction & Manufacturing Companies

The Top 5 Digital Improvements

Ranking highly within search engines for specific keywords can give a business authority over competitors in the industry.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search traffic for manufacturing & construction services, products, training, etc. is very, very low. However, most of the industry-jargon terms create high quality visitors to websites. The people searching within these industries typically know exactly what they’re looking for.

That’s why SEO is so vital to both construction and manufacturing companies. The low-traffic, but high-quality users are the best source of new business, and being ranked highly for those specific keywords can build immediate trust and interest.

While the “shopping” period for most of our clients is short-term, building a re-targetable list of potential customers (beyond emails from sales teams) can be a potent digital tool. Being able to send videos, display, or text ads to users already familiar with your brand is huge!

Moreover, there are a plethora of free web analytics tools that allows a company to build a demographic profile of visitors to the site. These profiles can ensure that the company messaging is driving the right kind of people to the site to generate new business.

Every one of our clients within these industries are a lot more than just products and projects. They are people working within their own communities, providing jobs, and researching new ways to innovate the world beyond construction & manufacturing.

Content marketing can help shed light on the people, passions, and inspiration behind the company. Putting a face (or faces) beyond product labels that is the best way to personalize service through the buying cycle of potential clients. We like to call it our “digital hand shake.”

As mentioned in the analytics section, building a retargeting list of potential clients is a great way to keep top-of-mind with potential clients as they search through the buying cycle. To effectively showcase ads, there needs to be some kind of PPC campaign involved.

These campaigns typically work best when targeted at search terms that are broad, generic, and probably apply to people outside of the industry. If a company wants to find these people at the beginning of the buying cycle, who don’t necessarily know what they’re looking for, is best served with a highly targeted PPC campaign.

By ranking social media marketing last, we’re definitely not saying that construction and manufacturing companies should disregard the platforms entirely. Our data has shown that most buyers don’t account for social media presence during the buying cycle.

The one tactic well suited for social media marketing is recruitment and retainment of employees. Using the company social channel to highlight work lifestyle and the people of the organization is a terrific way to generate interest in an open position.

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