Digital Marketing For Salons & Boutiques

Utilizing your small space (and a lot of data) to have a big online presence

The Current State Of Boutique & Salon Marketing

Building a digital strategy for any small boutique store or hair salon starts in one place: localized search.

Many of these storefronts rely on a customer-base within their own neighborhood. Google (and almost every other search engine) allows anyone to access search trends within a specific geo-range. 

Utilizing that data, a hair salon can determine the highest searched service-centric keyword and start to develop a strategy to gather people in their area searching for “mens haircuts.” Don’t forget – Google Maps listing is key to success for small shops!

Our History With The Boutique & Hair Salon Industry

We have proven success in capturing localized search for small boutiques & hair salons – regardless of geography. Not only to do we update the look & feel of websites, improve e-commerce functionality, but most importantly, provide these small businesses with insights that help them make informed decisions and understand their customer base.

Some Former Boutique & Hair Salon Partners

Best Digital Strategies For Boutique & Hair Salon Companies

The Top 5 Digital Improvements

Word-of-mouth advertising is great, but social sharing has become the new word-of-mouth (except, now, you control the words).

1. Content Marketing

We know many agencies will put social media at the forefront of a small boutique campaign. However, we’ve found that a quality social media presence starts with quality content.

Simply having new product photos or promoting sales on social media will become stale quickly. Sharing stories of how your business was started, your connection to the local community, and highlights of your employees resonates with followers.

Sharing your story is important, but that starts with telling your story in an engaging way.

Social media strategy is a clear-cut favorite for promote a small business quickly among the local community. Engagement is high, targeting is great, and the ability to gain traction can happen in an instant. With a free starting price point, it’s the best way to get your store off the ground.

However, be weary about running promotions simply to gain likes or follows. These campaigns often drive great improvement in likes (for a short time), but engagement in the future is very low. Visits to your website are even lower on promotions that don’t require a visit to the website.

We’ve mentioned localized search a few times. Being successful on the search-front comes down to SEO. A base of SEO is being sure to be listed on every directory relevant to your business – Yelp, Chamber of Commerce, especially Google Maps.

These directory-based search engines help your business in two ways. First, you find a highly-qualified customer specifically looking for your service. Second, links from these directories to your website are huge gain to improving your rank for service-based keywords within Google.

Once outreach and branding strategy have been established, it’s vital to understand the how, where, why, and who of the people your business is drawing. Those can all be accomplished through a detailed analytics system set up throughout your digital presence.

Utilize Google for search trends, Facebook for demographic data, and Yelp for local competition can all be revealing about who the current target is, and if those people responding your business are going to help the business to grow, or if messaging needs to be expanded.

While Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns can be another potent tool to boost brand visibility and site traffic very quickly, for small boutiques & hair salons, the approach needs to be cautious.

Since the business is paying for every click to the website, it’s vital for that business to completely understand the functionality of their website & the goal of each person visiting the website.

Without proper understanding of how to generate ROI from PPC campaigns, it becomes money sent into the advertising abyss. Luckily, we have a way to ensure your money stretches further.

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