Web Analytics Campaign Summary

The OHSU-PSU School of Public Health is a partnership between two of the leading brands in the Portland, OR area. Their school focuses on combining the world-class education of Portland State University with the renown research from the Oregon Health & Sciences University.

Controlled Chaos has helped the school utilize Google Analytics, among other tools, to decipher student behavior and drive more requests for their undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programs.

Below is a break down of how we utilized analytics to better the reach of the university.

Acquisition Channel Research

Students are everywhere on the internet. Which makes them easy to find, but difficult to catch their attention. How does a university cut through the digital noise and get to students to engage with their website content?

Programs Offered
Acquisition Overview
Organic Search 51%
Direct Traffic 28%
Referral 17%

Despite teen usage of social media channels being well documented, our research found that when researching big life decisions, such as what college to attend, students more often start with their trusted ally, Google.

Social media, in fact, does not drive a huge number of students to college websites. The platforms aren’t designed to take users away from the app or site. Our research noted that some students would go so far as to being hesitant to joining colleges who sent them copious amounts of ads on social media.

Demographic Insights

In order to successfully gain the attention of OHSU-PSU SOPH’s target demographic, we had to find alternative avenues (beyond social media) to gain their attention have interact with the website.

After compiling Facebook, Google, and Snapchat demographics, we were able to determine three affinity avenues that could yield us potential traffic:

Movie Lovers
Green Living Enthusiast
Health & Fitness Buffs

The three affinity categories allowed us to isolate events, websites, and even gyms to target with our student outreach campaigns.

Controlled Chaos especially highlighted the potential students who fit into both categories of Green Living Enthusiast and Health & Fitness Buffs. The social focus of the university, combined with public health, would be a perfect match for those students.

Combining affinity channels with gender demographics 

The Results

0 %
Organic Traffic
0 %
Program Page Visits
0 %
Graduate Interest Requests
0 %
Mobile Traffic
0 %
0 %
Undergraduate Interest Requests

Utilizing the detailed demographic information obtained through our analytics programs. We were able to find potential students earlier in their searching cycle for programs of interest.

As a results, the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health was able to become a trusted resource for information, and drive an incredible amount of student requests for more information from the website. As a result, attendance for all programs has increased in 2019 and the school is looking to add 5 new programs in the coming years.