How SEO Builds Trust & Drives Moves-Ins

Ranking naturally for certain keywords helps develop trust for both potential residents and adult children of residents

SEO Campaign Summary

Prestige Care Inc. is an award-winning assisted living and memory care company that operates facilities in 7 states throughout the Western United States. We approached their team with a campaign focused on driving more web leads through their website for all locations.

Below is an overview of what we did, and what happened as a result.

Keyword Research

We dove into trends within the keywords of nursing home, retirement home, and assisted living. Trying to determine what phrase, if any, was most commonly used in Google.

West Coast Locations
Keyword Search Rate
Nursing Home 89%
Retirement Home 45%
Assisted Living 63%

As shown by the chart on the right, the keyword “nursing home” is the most commonly searched term.

However, since Prestige Care operates on the west coast, the chart on the right shows that “assisted living” is more commonly used in their target area.

As a result, we targeted “assisted living” keywords. As well as location based searches (called geo-modifiers) that we found were attached to the common search terms.

Metadata Update

A key optimization for SEO is utilizing the metadata, which shows on Google searches, to focus to specific keywords.

After researching the types of keywords utilized by their potential customer, we can start the structure the pages in the site to mirror the keywords used by customers.


There is a 73% increase in clicks when metadata wording matches that of the searcher – people love to see that exact match response!

We utilize the page title, URL, and meta description to reinforce keywords. We chose this format for Prestige Care:

Assisted Living | [Location] | Prestige Care

While still focusing on the popular “assisted living”, we added a location specific keyword to each different facility.

As a result, we add reinforcement to the service keyword (assisted living), location keyword, and branded keyword (prestige care).

The Results

0 %
Organic Traffic
0 %
Location Traffic
0 %
New Users
0 %
Web Leads
0 %
Conversion Rate
0 %
Organic Leads

The new data came in quickly, and we found a massive spike in all areas of focus for the website.

Growth in web leads, traffic, conversion rate, and especially organic traffic showed that our improvements took hold quickly for their website.

While a good month in 2017 consisted of driving over 100 web leads per month. Now, we are averaging 235 leads per month! 

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