PPC Case Study

Pay-Per-Click Campaign Outline

Oddball Shoes is a distributor of large, mens shoes (sizes 16+) out of Portland, Oregon. They approached Controlled Chaos with a desire to increase their online store revenue, which made up 89% of their overall business.

Through PPC optimizations and targeting strategies, Controlled Chaos improved traffic, revenue, and overall web presence of the Oddball Shoes website. See exactly what happened below.

Establishing Proper Goal Tracking

Every campaign should have an end point – a goal, if you will. Controlled Chaos ensures that every goal is being properly tracked AND translates into actual business benefits.

With Oddball Shoes, prior campaigns were not synced up with their revenue tracking tool. Thus, they were unable to see direct translations of spend to revenue of their paid search campaigns.

By establishing goals tied to revenue for our PPC campaigns (and ensuring it’s being tracked properlly), we set Oddball up for success by allowing exact measurements of ROI and the effects of optimizations made throughout the campaign.

Separating Brand vs Non-Brand Searches

Unless you’re starting a brand new site, PPC campaigns should be an ADD-ON to your digital reach. Through SEO and directory updates, customers searching your brand name should be able to find your company organically – free of charge.

We’ve found most other digital marketing agencies will bid on brand-name keywords. This gives the appearance that PPC campaigns are driving qualified traffic, but ends up being costly for the business. They’re paying for clicks to the website that should free traffic.

With Oddball shoes, we found a similar situation. With our SEO upgrades, we were able to separate branded vs. non-branded search terms, and bid on non-branded searches. This allowed Oddballs budget to stretch much further and compete with larger companies on highly searched keywords.

Brand Terms
  • Oddball Shoes
  • Oddball
  • Shoes From Oddball
  • Oversized Shoe Company
Non-Branded Terms
  • Size 16 Shoes
  • Size 18 Nike Zoom
  • Large Sized Mens SandalsĀ 
  • Size 18 Steel Toe Boots

Micro-Targeting For Ad Relevance

After establishing the goals and correct keywords to target in our PPC campaign, the next step was to utilize micro-targeted keywords to establish the best ad copy to be shown for potential customers.

To the right are the variations that we had to account for when writing and matching the keyword to the correct ad copy.

Ad Copy Categories
  • Size
  • Style
  • Company
  • Application
  • Price Point
Search Terms
Ad Copy
  • size 17 shoes
  • mens size 17 shoes
  • size 17 shoes for men

Shop All Our Size 17 Shoes | Oddball Shoes
Our complete collection of size 17 shoes from sneakers & sandals to boots!

  • large basketball shoes
  • big mens basketballs shoes
  • basketball shoes for big feet

Mens Basketball Shoes Size 16+ | Oddball Shoes
Get all the latest basketball shoes from Nike, Adidas, and Reebok in large sizes at Oddball.

  • size 18 nike shoes
  • nike air zoom size 18
  • nike sneakers for big feet

Newest Nike Shoes | Size 16+ | Oddball Shoes
Get all the latest releases from Nike in large sizes. Basketball or sneakers – we have them all!

The Results

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PPC Revenue
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Online Revenue
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New Customers
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Traffic To Site
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Avg. Order Amount
0 %

Our PPC efforts, combined with some SEO improvements, led Controlled Chaos to exceed first year marks and double the amount of revenue coming from Paid Search campaigns.

We not only improved revenue, but boosted the amount of traffic to the site, how big the average order was, and reduced the amount of times people left the site without shopping anything.