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Our Digital Marketing Services

Every campaign we launch always comes with 3 simple rules.

  • Only Offer Services That Will Provide Direct Growth In Client’s Business
  • Provide A Detailed Implementation Plan For Client Insight
  • Put Measurements In Place To Provide Direct ROI On Campaign Spend

Our Campaign Customization Process

Discovery Session

We like to start our process with a no-strings meeting to better understand your business goals & vision for growth.

Benefits Of A Discovery Session

  • Only A Quick 30-Minute Meeting
  • Opportunity To Ask Us Any Questions
  • Let Us Know Of Any Budget Restrictions
  • Paint Your Business Vision For Us
  • Cover Experience With Digital Marketing

Website & Competitor Audit

After understanding your goals, we are able to give an in-depth analysis of your company’s current digital presence.

Benefits Of A Free Website Audit

  • See Keywords Rankings From Google
  • Analysis Of Technical Web Improvements
  • Competitor & Opportunity Review
  • Overview Of Our Best Recommendations
  • Outline Potential Campaign Strategy

Implementation Strategy

Before spending any money with us, you will received a detailed week-by-week breakdown of how we will implement our custom campaign.

Benefits Of An Implementation Strategy

  • Insights Into Our Weekly Work On Your Site
  • A Complete Cost & ROI Breakdown
  • Ability To Track Our Team’s Progress
  • Full Accountability From Our Team
  • Set Expectations From Start To Finish

Industries We Serve

Our proven success with digital marketing updates spans across a wide-range of industries.

While each company has its own unique set of challenges, customers, and previous experience with digital agencies, we’ve developed a system for controlling the digital chaos.

Success Stories & Case Studies

In the world of search engines, there is a relentless battle being fought. A battle for visibility, clicks, and space all taking place on that coveted results page that appears after automatically (or mindlessly) search for answers on the internet.

The sad news is, you can’t force something to go viral. It’s all up to how many likes, shares and comments the post garners. You can’t control how many times your post is shared. However, there is a system to the social madness depending on the time, image, and content of your post.

When I first started Controlled Chaos Media over four years ago, I was thrilled at the prospect of working from home every day. The short commute from bedroom to office (and to the fridge and back), the lack of forcing small talk with coworkers, and the missing requirement to wear proper pants. It seemed like a wonderland of a zero-frills workspace.