Agency vs. In-House Marketing: Who Should Be Doing Your Marketing?

An age old question which most ask, do we hire or outsource?

The question comes down to 4 main factors: cost, creativity, skill and experience. To determine what is best for your company should take all of these into consideration.

These may be the main concerns you would have when weighing your options to expand or create your marketing presence. It should NOT! Marketing is an investment in yourself and will pay dividends if done properly. That being said let’s compare:



The average cost of a marketing professional is about $60-70,000 per year, according to Ziprecruiter. That does not include the cost of the campaigns so take that into account.The cost of annual salary may be less but does not include the process of hiring and training a new employee to fit your needs. And be wary the salary isn’t all you have to pay, office space, benefits, etc will also have to be considered in the budget.


With an Agency you will negotiate a price and that is final. What you agree on is what you will receive making it a no questions asked final amount unless there are changes that are made and discussed how cost will be affected. At a glance it may be more expensive but as you will see there are many benefits. You should expect a significant  costs of close to 10% of revenue per 



Agencies are developed and established to get what needs to be done. The expertise that agencies provide is unparalleled as they have the background to recognize what are the needs vs wants. There will be stylistic and creative avenues that the agency you choose will be working in and that is your choice when you choose.


In-House means your employee and you have the control but maybe not the experience in your specified field. That being said marketers are naturally creative but sticking to one specific field may be monotonous and become stale. They will learn your business and competitors to become an expert in said field.



You get what you pay for skill wise, which you can say for both sides. This is tricky as you can choose between a vereran or a “newbie” with established premises or new ideas. Both have their skill sets and bring an ideology you will choose when hiring. You must choose what fits your business when coming to the skill level. 


Skill is what they do, they have an established team of professionals ranging from web-development to social media marketing covering all the bases. When hiring an agency they have experience in many fields and personnel that will be able to take your vision to a reality. Being said this is their take on what you want, a representation of that vision in the agency’s eyes. 



They have the experience or you wouldn’t hire them. But is it in the right field or specialization? You must ask yourself who, what, when and where do you target your marketing towards. An agency will choose what is best in their experience but they do not always know your field as well as you do.


You get what you hire and are able to groom them to the experience level you require. The ideal employee is moldable to what you want and how you want it executed. You have the choice on how to implement it and what avenues that are chosen.


In the battle between agency vs in-house there is no clear winner as you must choose what fits your needs the best. You need to choose what your end goal is and how you would like that to be accomplished. To get the ideal marketing you must decide what is best for your company.

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