The Controlled Chaos Team Votes: The Best Sushi Spot In Grand Rapids

Zach Phillips
Favorite Sushi Restaurant: Ando Sushi + Bar
Favorite Roll: The Pikachu

Why It’s My Favorite: For me, Ando Sushi has the best all-around Asian cuisine options in the Grand Rapids area. They’re sushi rolls and unique and packed with amazing flavor. However, I’m a bit more partial to their ramen options, which are perfect for those cold Michigan winter nights. Amazing atmosphere & great staff add the sweet & spicy crunch to the entire experience! Also, don’t leave without getting the spicy edamame. 

Amanda Kawiecki
Favorite Sushi Restaurant: Maru 
Favorite Roll: The Madagascar

Why It’s My Favorite: This was definitely a tough one for me.  Grand Rapids has some killer spots for sushi but I always find myself at the same two locations, Maru and Ando. Both locations have indoor/outdoor seating which, for some reason makes eating sushi even more enjoyable.  If you are like me and love spicy food, then the Madagascar roll is definitely for you. Between the tempura crunch and that incredible burn sauce, your mouth will be craving for more.  The Nirvana roll is a good match for your Madagascar.  The fresh smoked salmon and cream cheese will chill out your mouth before licking your plate clean of that burn sauce. I think I know what I’m getting for lunch! Whose paying?!

Chad Davis
Favorite Sushi Restaurant: Ando Sushi + Bar
Favorite Roll: The Inferno

Why It’s My Favorite: It always seems as though my eyes are larger than my stomach when I arrive or maybe I’m just indecisive; either way, I still tend to order way too much food. Once I have settled on 3 different rolls (never straying away from the Inferno), I can’t help but order a shared bowl of edamame; by far the best I’ve had! It’s never a bad decision to throw a bowl of Pork Belly Ramen on the order either. The service at Ando has always been exceptional, and the atmosphere is welcoming especially if you can get a seat in the 3 season room. To top it off they also have a fully stocked bar and if you can visit during “Joyful Hour,” it will definitely ease the stress on your pocketbook. But don’t take my word for it, give it a try for yourself, I bet you won’t be disappointed.

Derek Drumm
Favorite Sushi Restaurant: Ginza Sushi + Ramen Bar 
Favorite Roll: Dynamite Roll 

Why It’s My Favorite: Although I am a patron of Ando, I picked Ginza because they are newer to Grand Rapids and conveniently located on the up and coming Medical Mile (Michigan Ave.) They carefully deep fry the Dynamite Roll which has assorted fish and they top it with the spicy mayo. I always, ALWAYS order edamame as a starter and more often than not I get a bowl of the beef ramen to-go. If Ginza ever gets a bar, I will probably frequent there once a week. 

Derek Long
Favorite Sushi Restaurant: Ju Sushi & Lounge
Favorite Roll: Chicken Teriyaki

Why It’s My Favorite: Although I don’t eat seafood, Ju Sushi & Lounge was still an all-around amazing experience. The atmosphere and the hospitality made this place among my favorites since I’ve moved to Grand Rapids. Between the comfortable seating, cultural decor, and a variety of food/drink, this place honestly makes you never want to leave. Even the non-seafood menu items were delicious which is truly saying something for a seafood restaurant. The Pearl Room is a great spot for a family gathering or business meeting as well!

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