What Is Data-Driven Marketing?

Whether we like it not, every click we make is being monitored, tracked, and strung together to determine the how and why of that click.

Everything from the color of a button, the position of a form, to the tantalizing image change when your mouse is hovering over the opportunity can be tracked to maximize the chances of getting that all-important click.

For users, this system of marketing can feel like a Sauron-esque tracking of movements online. For companies, it’s the ability to turn their marketing department on its head.

Copywriters, designers, and account executives alike have been dethroned as the might of the marketing department. The new age of marketing is trackable, and more importantly, quantifiable. Now, the once lowly analyst role reigns.

Every decision on creative to copy and PR to media buying have now fallen (or should fall) under the analyst’s realm of control. Marketing has officially entered a scientific revolution, and there is no role better suited to navigate this new terrain.

Thus dawned the era of “data-driven marketing” – a phrase beloved by the new powers-that-be within the industry.

The idea that every digital presence – from website to social profiles – can be analyzed to improve customer (and potential customer) engagement. That is the heart of “data-driven” marketing. The ability to create insights from every marketing asset, and optimizing the delivery, messaging, and targeting to maximize effectiveness.

Controlled Chaos has built its foundation on this new wave of marketing. Our strategies are centered around collecting proper data and utilizing the data to improve marketing effectiveness.

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