5 Google Searches Michiganders Use Too Often

Being a native Michigander has its perks – the knowledge of how to drive in the snow, how to pull off a perfect beach day, and the ability to recite any Eminem verse from memory.

However, we do have a tendency to obsess over certain things that only a Michigander would care about.

Google tells no lies when it comes to our collective search history. The good, the bad, and the sad. So, we at Controlled Chaos compiled our list of keywords that Michiganders seem to be a bit extra.

Here are the 5 Google searches used too often by Michiganders:

1. Weather

Much to the dismay of our local meteorologists, we Michiganders google “weather” more often than any other keyword.

The area that searches the weather most frequently is the Alpena metro area, and who can blame them, it’s a crapshoot in the sky every day.  As you travel south from Alpena, the rate of weather searches drops little by little, with the Niles area searching it the least in the state.

Blame it on the unpredictable turns from the lake effect, our complete obsession with snow for 8 months out of the year, or a goddamn Polar Vortex.

Whatever the reason, we’re all collectively watching the skies – by looking at our phones.

2. Michigan Lottery

Coming in at #10 on our overall searches, right behind “walmart”, is searches for the Michigan Lottery.

It’s hard to let this one slide from our list – even though searches for ‘lottery’ are consistently high across the nation – because of the nature of this geo-specific search.

Within Michigan, the Detroit & Flint metro regions search the lottery numbers at twice the rate of their West Michigan counterparts.

Searches for the “super raffle” have had an extra boost in the past 3 months, due to the aggressive advertising by Michigan Lottery (and big chance at winning).

3. Detroit Lions

It’s one thing to be a passionate fan base, or even love your team. However, Michiganders our consumed with frequent check-ins on our lovable NFL franchise.

“Detroit Lions” searches come in just behind “facebook” in the number of searches into Google.

As expected, these searches spike between September through December, and again in late April (when the NFL holds the draft). Surprisingly, Michiganders are still united on Lions interest – with every part of Michigan searching at a rapid rate.

That level of frequency, combined with the sad few seasons the Detroit Lions have endured, makes this search rate far to high – even for Lions fans.

4. Meijer

A classic staple for every Michigander. The one-stop shop for every need you could ever imagine comes in at #17 on our overall searches.

While the superstore chain still trails their competitor, Walmart, in the number of searches, the fact that ‘meijer’ searches beat out ‘nba’, ‘nfl’, and ‘gmail’ searches is impressive.

As expected, the Grand Rapids metro leads the way in the search rate. The chain was founded in the area and can be spotted from almost every highway exit.

The most frequented related keywords also show our Michigan ticks – with “meijer black friday” and “meijer beef recall” topping the related charts.

We have nothing against Meijer by adding this to our list. However, any drive through the heart of Michigan will show how much farmland covers the mitten. So, where are the farmers markets?!

Let’s get ‘farmers market michigan’ trending a bit more, yeah?

5. Driving Directions


The searches for “directions to [insert city here]” are more frequently searched in Michigan than any other state in the United States.

Who can blame us? We have The Motor City. Factories for GM, Ford, Jeep, etc. are dotted throughout the state.

We’ve added this search to our list for a bit more political reasons than data-driven ones. We just want to ask, WHERE ARE THE MICHIGAN TRAINS?

Understanding that the lobbying effort by car companies are more powerful here in the mitten than in other states, we have to ask ourselves, at what cost?

Just think about the fact we look up driving directions more than any other state next time you’re stuck in traffic or hit a massive pothole. It will start to bother you, too.


This list was compiled by the staff of Controlled Chaos, a digital marketing firm in Grand Rapids, MI.

Let us know if you agree or disagree with our list!

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